Life Of Bill Evans

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Life of Bill Evans shows how a sensitive cat follows his quiet melancholy emotions and makes jazz "deeper". Bill Evans was a "sad sack" kind of guy who had a sadness that fit jazz in a way that silence fits the night... didn't know I was a poet huh?

Bill Evans playing was like poetry and he and Miles Davis worked well together. Evans was one of the most famous and influential American jazz pianists of the 20th century.

He used impressionist harmony, not the abstract stuff like MONK.
His was a sensitive style of playing... his inventive interpretation of traditional jazz music, and his syncopated and polyrhythmic melodic lines influenced a generation of pianists.

This cats music continues to inspire younger pianists. I think of Bill Evans as the "thinking" man's pianist. All the cats playing is thoughtful.. like life and death is being decided with each key... could be all the drugs he did, but I still think the dude played poignant!

The dude played on that famous Miles Davis album "Kind of Blue". If you listen closely you can hear that Bill Evans is the reason that album is so special. Yeah, Miles arranged it and hired the cats to play on it... but Bill Evans brings the sound out of Miles! Dig it!

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