History Of Jazz Dance

jazz dancer

You like to dance... you like to boogie... you like to shake your tail feathers! Well how did you learn that cool move player?

Yo mamma never got down like this! History of jazz dance, jazz dance steps and swing dance steps are an interesting topic to begin with. Especially when talking about cool dancing and strutting yo' stuff!

History of jazz dance, jazz dance steps is the start of alot of those cool moves you try out on the disco floor. Or in the rave when you're high on extasy or whatever the hip dance drug is nowadays... You think you look cool huh? Well you should see how these cats were boogieing' way back when!

And they were just drinking "hooch"...

I love to see old footage of these cats cuttin' the rug.. they had style and great moves.. and they dressed to impress! I always wondered how those cats never split their pants!

History of Jazz Dance is really the history of party music and dancing like there ain't no tommorrow! Just look at Josephine Baker. She wasn't shy when she was gettin down!

History of Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance Steps

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