Jazz Gossip

Real "Jazz-Heads" like gossip! The stories you hear about from old timers who were there "back in the day"... stories about "Dizz" in the Playboy mansion in a swimming pool with Playboy bunnies (I heard from a real source!)... having underwater fun.

Is it true Billie and the "Prez" Lester Young were romantically involved? I think Lady Days best albums were with the Prez... and it's been said they were romantic on the "down low".

Is it true Bird was found in a phone booth passed out drunk with his zipper down and...

Well you know how it is, Jazz is full of great stories and I'll run them by you if you dare!


Forest Whitaker Set for "What a Wonderful World"

Forest Whitaker is set to direct and star in a biopic about Louis Armstrong titled "What a Wonderful World" for Paris-based Legende. Whitaker gave a great performance as Charlie Parker in the film "Bird" which is essential viewing for true JAZZ HEADS!! Ya dig?