Famous Jazz Musician Videos

Check out the vintage film footage of the great jazz cats performing! This shows you how cool these dudes were and you can hear the great music as you watch them play and sing!

Miles Davis Video

Billie Holiday Video

John Coltrane Video

Thelonious Monk Video

Chet Baker Video

Charlie Parker Video

Donald Byrd Video

Dave Brubeck Video

Coleman Hawkins Video

Max Roach Video

Bill Evans Video

Bud Powell Video

Charles Mingus Video

Count Basie Video

Bessie Smith Video

Dexter Gordon Video

Dizzy Gillespie Video

Duke Ellington Video

Ella Fitzgerald Video

Stan Getz Video

Herbie Hancock Video

Ornette Coleman Video

Josephine Baker Video

Lester Young Video

Louis Armstrong Video

Nina Simone Video

Ray Charles Video

Sonny Rollins Video

Sarah Vaughn Video

Sonny Stitt Video

Wes Montgomery Video