Jazz Dance Steps

Basic Jazz Dance Steps

Ball change: Change weight R+L ball-stamp (step-stamp), or stamp-stamp.

Cat walk: Walking like a cat, crossing one leg in front of the other with a bent back.

Catch step: Like a ball change but from flat foot to flat foot (stamp).

Chasses: One foot chases the other.

Fall over the log: Piqué passé. (see also jumps over the log).

Hip walk: Déhanchés sidewards or front-back.

Jazz drag: It's like a catwalk but with dragging one leg behind.

Jazz run: Like a jazz walk but fast (running).

Jazz walk: Walking straight in plié with shoulders in opposition.

Moonwalk: The walk forward that goes backwards (Michael Jackson).

Moonwalk: 2nd version: tribute to the first man that walked on the moon. Piqué attitude-fondu in slow motion. « Walking on the moon » de Sting .

Pivot step: Step front, twist and step back twist (pivot).

Step: Step

Touch: Point your foot to the floor (step touch or touch step)

Twist: Pivot, changing of direction

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