Origin of Jazz Music

Origin of Jazz Music started out with a combination of various types of music. Its roots date back to the 1880's with the African origins.

It is interesting to note that "regular" white Americans worked on the fields in the USA ... these were the "lower" class mostly white people...

These Americans suffered the majority of slave labor and needed a sufficient amount to keep their produce and stocks up. Therefore, the Americans decided to travel to Africa and buy as many slaves and bring them back to their homeland.

I'm always surprised that we forget that these early white folks were the first "slaves"!

The founding fathers of America had a way of seperating these lower-class white folks from the new lower-class "negroes"... they fostered the discrimination,and seperation to keep these two lower-classes from uniting... and we still see it today(but that's another story!)

During the time when Americans had the slaves on board their ship, Africans brought their own needs, such as ragged paper with combs (the invention of a harmonica)

The soul of these folks were instilled with rythm... is it any wonder these folks brought there "beat" from their native land across the far waters?

Dusty wood branches (the later use of a drumstick) and planks of wood ( also the later use of a drum set).

These items were used on the slave ship, by the Africans to keep themselves entertained throughout their imprisonment.

After more than one year enslaving the Africans on the ship, the Americans came to the closest port that was possible for ship docking: New Orleans, the real birthplace of music in America.

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